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Hollywood Must Think Bigger About China, Says Producer Janet Yan

Im told someone named Carlos. Im going with Carlos the Jackal. And busted celebrities kim kardashian honoree Quentin Tarantino was bemused to get an award for Django Unchained, a film that nobody had actually seen since he wasnt finished making it. Its kind of strange to get an award while youre still in the editing room for a movie, said Tarantino. Now when my editor wants to cut down a long section of dialogue I can say, You want to take a line out of my award-winning screenplay? (Then again, a few months later Tarantino won the screenwriting Oscar for Django, this time from a bunch of people who actually had seen the movie.) This years show has been essentially ignored by every Hollywood trade publication except the Hollywood Reporter, which has an ownership tie to Dick Clark Productions and which has run a steady stream of exclusives. But the event will get its live-streamed carpet, and itll get press because honorees include actors McConaughey, Bullock, Roberts, Gyllenhaal, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto, Michael B. Jordan, Sophie Nelisse, David Oyelowo and Lupita Nyongo; directors Steve McQueen, Lee Daniels and Richard Linklater; actor-screenwriters Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke; producer Jerry Weintraub; the band Coldplay (whose Chris Martin will perform a song from the next Hunger Games movie); and the films American Hustle (costumes and makeup), Monsters University (animated film of the year) and Pacific Rim (visual effects). <br>Source:

One day, the guards came into his cell to do a shakedown and they found a dozen ribbons in his locker. I had to go into the hole (solitary), Molina recounted, because of all of my typewriter ribbons. Finally, the lady running the prisons Education office said this man is out here every day minding his own business. He helps guys with typing. Ill hold the ribbons and give them to him as he needs them. So she kind of came in and saved the day for me. The result of Molinas efforts, of course, his new film. Im in Love With a Church Girlis an independent, Christian, faith-based movie that follows in the footsteps of films such as Fireproof, Facing the Giants and Courageous. The road for such a film is not an easy one these days. <br>Source:

Burnett also has made a name for himself in Hollywood, producing such popular reality shows as "Survivor," "The Apprentice," "Shark Tank," and most recently, the singing competition,"The Voice." "We are very excited to be working with 20th Century Fox to release 'Son of God' as a major motion picture," Burnett and Downey, the movie's producers, said in a statement. "We responded to an overwhelming demand for 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' to be seen as a shared experience on the big screen. The result is a beautiful stand-alone movie. It's the story of Jesus for a whole new generation." Phil Cooke, a Burbank, Calif., filmmaker, media consultant and author, says Christians are perfect target group for the film industry. "Hollywood bends over backward all the time to court very small interest groups feminists, environmentalists, people who are gay but there are more than 91 million evangelical Christians in the U.S., which makes us the largest special-interest group of all," Cooke said. "What baffles me is why Hollywood doesn't take that audience more seriously. <br>Source:

"I've never seen so much talk about things with so few results. But that's going to change," Yang, named one of the 50 most powerful women in Hollywood by the Hollywood Reporter, told Reuters during a visit to China. "It's two different systems trying to come together, so a lot of dating and few engagements and marriages but probably more on their way." Despite an import quota, Hollywood movies have dominated China's box office - until that changed dramatically this year. In the period from January to June, domestic films outperformed imported ones by 65 percent. That was a major reversal from the same period last year, when proceeds from imported films almost doubled those of domestic productions. The stakes are high. Last year, box office revenue in China was $2.8 billion. <br>Source:

As body ages, Jackie Chan longs for Hollywood's full embrace

Hollywood's African-American film renaissance

"I hope the audience, after they say, 'Jackie, that's a double!,' they forgive me," Chan said in his trademark broad-grinned and animated style. "Then I can continue (my career) because poor me, nobody in Hollywood hires me to make a 'Kramer vs. Kramer' (or) like 'Sound of Music' - actually I'm more? info… a pretty good singer - and nobody hires me to do this kind of film," Chan said, referring to the 1979 family drama and 1965 musical, both Oscar winners. "All we think about Jackie Chan: Chris Tucker, 'Rush Hour' one, two, and three ... always action-comedy, action-comedy," he said about the "Rush Hour" buddy-cop film series with comedian Chris Tucker that helped Chan cement his place in Hollywood 15 years ago. TURNED DOWN 'INTERPRETER' Chan has already added "dramatic actor" to his resume with the 2011 Chinese historical drama "1911" about the revolution that overthrew China's final imperial dynasty. "I really hope someday in Hollywood, some producer or director will hire me only to do drama," Chan said. <br>Source:

30 Hollywood Stars Who Started Out in Horror Movies

It's unconfirmed.) Since then: 2 Oscar wins Role: Sarah Altman, one half of the mother-daughter combo stuck in a panic room Fate: Lives, survives asthma attack Since then: Became Bella Swan, Snow White, Joan Jett, GF of R.Pattz, perfecter of hair-flipping Movie: House at the End of the Street Year: Filmed in 2010, released in 2012 Age: 20 Role: Elissa, heroine starting a new life with her mom who befriends the troubled boy in the house at the end of the street Fate: Lives, starts a new life with her mom, again Since then: 1 Oscar win, 1 more nomination, Mystique and Katiniss Everdeen Year: 2006 Age: 25 Role: Pogue Perry, super hunky prep school student and member of the Sons of Ipswich warlock collective Fate: Lives, wears a speedo in swim class Since then: Tim. Riggins. Movie: Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest Year: 1995 Role: Young woman (uncredited), child of the corn Fate: Death by mutant corn stalk monster Since then: 1 Oscar win, 1 nomination Movie: The Cabin in the Woods Year: Filmed in 2009, released in 2012 Age: 27 Role: Curt Vaughn, the hottie buff-guy friend Fate: Dies third Role: Jen, the wild child friend Fate: Killed fourth, by decapitation Since then: Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica and recently starred in Riddick Movie: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation Year: 1994 Role: Vilmer Slaughter, alpha male/head sadist of the Slaughter family Fate: Death by plane propeller Since then: Coming up in Martin Scorcese's The Wolf of Wall Street Movie: A Nightmare on Elm Street Year: 1984 Fate: Dies after Freddy pulls him into a hell hole through his bed Since then: 3 Oscar nominations Role: Frankie Smith, boarding school girl Fate: First to die Since then: Elizabeth Swann in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and (roughly) 1 million period pieces Movie: Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering Year: 1996 Age: 28 Role: Grace Rhodes, heroine who comes home to work in the local doctor's office only to find the town's children possessed by a demon force Fate: Saves the day Role: Elizabeth Darko, sister of Donnie Fate: Lives because Donnie sacrifices himself for the world Since then: 2 Oscar nominations Movie: A Nightmare on Elm Street (remake) Year: 2010 Role: THE Nancy Holbrook, Final Girl/heroine and nemesis of Freddy Krueger Fate: Lives Movie: Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 Year: 1990 Role: Edie "Tex" Sawyer, murderous member of the infamous Sawyer clan Fate: Death at the hands of the heroine, Michelle Since then: Played Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings movies Movie: Halloween H20: 20 Years Later Year: 1995 Role: Molly Cartwell, student at the boarding school presided over by an incognito Laurie Strode Fate: Lives, tries to kill Michael Since then: 3 Oscar nominations Movie: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Year: 1992 Role: Kimberly, wack friend who jacks Buffy's swag, sells her out to vampires Fate: Lives, gets knocked out by school principal Since then: 2 Oscar wins Paul Rudd (credited as Paul Stephen Rudd) Movie: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Year: 1995 Age: 26 Role: Tommy Doyle, hero and all grown up version of the boy Laurie Strode babysat in the original Halloween Fate: Lives, "kills" Michael Myers (who can't be killed) Since then: Judd Apatow movie darling, coming up in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Role: Zep Hindel, troubled man caught in Jigsaw's web Fate: Beaten to death with toilet tank cover Since then: Benjamin Linus on Lost Role: Cotton Weary, acquitted for the murder of Maureen Prescott Fate: Lives Movie: Urban Legends: Bloody Mary Year: 2005 Role: Samantha Owens, heroine who solves the vengeful hauntings by the ghost of Mary Banner Fate: Lives Year: 2009 Age: 20 Role: Megan/Jenna, an underclassman who stows away to join the island getaway of a bunch of cool high school friends Fate: Dies last by stabbing Since then: Currently starring as Aria Montgomery on the hit ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars Year: 2000 Age: 29 Role: Angelina Tyler, plays Sidney Prescott in Stab 3, secretly slept her way to the part Fate: Dies fifth, by stabbing Since then: Currently starring in HBO's Aaron Sorkin show The Newsroom Role: Sarah, terrorized heroine cleaning out her family's vacation home Fate: Lives Year: 2005 Age: 19 Role: Shay, a teenager caught up in the world of a medieval sex drug that turns users into bloodthirsty monsters Fate: ? Since then: Currently playing an agent undercover as a Texas beauty queen in Machete Kills Horror movies often get a bad wrap -- too kim kardashian beach violent, too exploitative, too cliche, too many women walking around casually not wearing bras (because don't we all wear button downs half undone with nothing underneath?) -- but if we look at them a little closer, we see the great equalizer of the cinematic universe. That's right. Horror movies are a place where many of the brightest stars in the Hollywood firmament once appeared early in their careers, including unexpected actors like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlize Theron, George Clooney, Jon Stewart, and Katee Sackhoff. And these roles that need to be celebrated for the star-making turns they (maybe, probably, kinda) were. <br>Source:

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